AUTOMATIC HIGH SPEED multilane STICKPACK machine for the forming and filling of 3 side seal sticks.

• able to handle reels of up to 900mm width and 1000mm diameter;
• machine frame in specially treated and hardened aluminium, all parts in contact with the product in AISI 316L stainless steel or foodgrade material;
• servo-driven transversal sealing jaws movement, assisted by pneumatic system;
• servo-driven reel unwinding for correct and constant control of material tension and diameter;
• constant longitudinal temperature control with individual thermocouple-thermoregulator-heater-current detector on each lane;
• double conveyor for division of full and empty sticks(while dosing unit is off);
• modem for remote troubleshooting and PLC software status diagnosis;
• basic parameters easily adjustable from control panel (output speed, sealing temperatures, enabling of various devices eg. printer, agitator, photocell control, etc.);
• various optionals available such as:
    o reel join detection;
    o easy tear notch and/or bottle neck spout;
    o dosing system accessories.
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