Cartoner 'I'

sachet laying horizontal in pre-glued display,
inserted without pusher

Complete packaging line with single integrated automation that controls the packaging machine, the automatic feeding system and the forming + closing machines. Special solutions have been employed to optimize the integration of the packaging machine within the line thus avoiding microstops due to e.g. sachets sticking to each other. Micro stop management is also integrated in the line (i.e. by handling the doser and feeding tubes movement out of line according the duration of the stop). The integrated automation allows to eliminate the interchange of signals between the various units of the line with all the related problems and procedures. The automatic feeding system permits to work on a wide range of line numbers and widths; high speeds can be obtained due to the fact that the path of the sachets from the packaging machine up to the insertion into the display is almost linear, it has been kept as simple as possible and the displays are “standing-by”, one per lane to receive the sachets. Pre-glued or flat bottom displays are foreseen for this line (with glue, or in case of the flat bottom display, glue or mechanical closure). The maximum speed is 90-100 cycles/min.
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